Friday, January 18, 2013

Movies of 2012

As y'all know, my dad (papa) and I see a movie almost every weekend. So I thought I might give you a visual of how many movies I've gone to go see this year. Meaning, how many I've seen in Theaters. The order of the movie will mean nothing, but I'm going to give you how many stars it was in my opinion (1-5).
One star=hated it
two stars=didn't like it
three stars= liked it
four stars= really liked it
five stars= loved it
Hopefully I don't miss any :).

1)The Dark Knight Rises *****
2)Django Unchained ***
3)Looper ****
4)The Avengers ****
5)Wreck it Ralph *****
6)Frankenweenie *
7)Cloud Atlas ****
8)Argo *****
9)The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey *****
10)21 Jump-street * 
11)Brave *****
12)Prometheus ***
13)The Amazing Spider-man ***
14)Lincoln *****
15)The Expendables 2 ***
16)Snow White and the Huntsmen ****
17) Red Dawn *****
18) Safe House ***
19) Men In Black III *****
20)This Means War ****
21)The Hunger Games ****
22)Act Of Valor ****
23) John Carter ***
24)Contraband ***
25)The Lorax **
26)The Bourne Legacy ***
27) Trouble With the Curve ****
28)Dark Shadows ***
29)Haywire ***
30)Resident Evil: Retribution ***
31)Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ****
32)Ice Age: Continental Drift ***
33) Safe ***
34) Mirror Mirror *
35)Red Tails ****
36)Joyful noise ***
37)One for the Money ****
38)The Vow **
39)Gone ***
40)Hope springs ***
41)Alex Cross ***

  So there we have it. 

  A few of these I didn't actually see in theaters but they did come out this year. Being : The Lorax, Joyful Noise, Mirror Mirror, and The Vow.

  I'd say out of 52 weeks.. that's a lot of movies. Especially since I saw The Hobbit and the Hunger Games twice.

  If you'd like me to give an actual review on any of these, let me know :)

Love Always and Happy Weekend, 




  1. i'm sad you didn't like the Lorax. i thought that movie was cute lol


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