Monday, January 7, 2013

Oh how time flies

  Tomorrow is Becky and Kezley's last day here . It's always hard to see family go , but when there's kids involved , the difficulty multiplies. Kezley has become quite fond of me , but at only 9 months old , she won't remember me next time I see her :(, not to mention the fact of how much she'll have grown.

  I look forward to a day when all my siblings live close . Having Ethan and Shelli close is great and all , but it's just not the same when someone is missing from the group.

  Perhaps the day will come when all my siblings are in Texas, but whose to say that I'll still be here when that day comes ? Only God knows where I'll end up five years from now . Starting the last semester of my junior year has made me ponder that. Future that is . I'm curious as to what it holds .
And now, I will leave you with a phrase that has really spoken to me .

"Evaluate your present , not by looking in the past, but by believing in the future ."

Love Always,


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