Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Until I see you again

Before I went to bed last night , I said my "goodbyes" to Becky and Kezley since they would be leaving at 3 am to catch a 6am flight.

My desire for this post, is to share as best I can what I was feeling last night . This is what I wrote in my journal last night :
"That moment in time where you kiss a sweet smiling baby, and hug her mother tight, telling her you love her and that you'll visit. You're holding all emotion in because you don't want to look like a fool, you want to be strong . Only for it to hit you like a ton of bricks, just a few hours later.
The realization of what this goodbye means .. It means that next time you see that beautiful baby girl, she'll be over a year old and won't even remember you.
That sunshine that has become so find of her "Lala", will think of you as a stranger. It's a heart-breaking thing. It's always been heart-wrenching to see Becky go, but now that a baby is in the equation... It's almost unbearable . So here I sit, with a heavy heart and wet eyes, I will see Becky and Kezley again. I rejoice in that fact. Lord keep then safe."

It's a rainy day, which is great.. we need it so badly, but it's even more perfect, because it fits my mood :/

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