Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Can it be true?

This is the view from the house that Tori and I clean... *sigh*

  It's a shocking moment when you realize that you really truly have a crush on someone..
I haven't felt this strange feeling in over two years.

  No worries, I won't be gushing about said guy all the time.. and I actually won't be doing anything about these feelings.

  I promised myself that I would be single for a year (which will be on June 8th). I've also promised myself that I'll listen to God's voice.. I'm getting the feeling that He wants me single even longer than that.

  Honestly, this doesn't bother me. Sure being single is hard sometimes.. but all in all, I have been very happy as a single person. It gives me the chance to focus on me and God.

  This feels good though. The fluttering in my stomach. I want you to know that he's a really sweet guy. I'm excited to get to know him in the future.

  Do you remember your first crush? (Either first one after a long term relationship, or first one ever)



  1. crushes are fun. butterflies are great. if something's meant to happen, it will.

    i remember having a crush on the guy I dated after PC and I broke up. it was like, wow, my butterflies do work. i'm not completely broken! yay! happy dance! and it made me remember the life hadn't ended just because PC was a total nincompoop of a person. it made me feel alive again, even though it was just a silly crush :)

    1. That's the way that I'm looking at it. :)

      Exactly!! I mean, I always knew I'd feel again.. I just didn't realize HOW it would feel lol.

  2. Sometimes I wonder what a crush would feel like, or even if it will ever happen... or what to do when it does. People in love always make me happy :) Jesus loves you!!

    1. Someday it will happen. The feeling will be a feeling that only you will ever feel. Who knows, it could be a crush that becomes nothing more, or he could turnout to be your husband someday.

      People in love make me happy too :)


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