Sunday, March 10, 2013

When my heart is overwhelmed

  I am.. Lonely. Don't mind me, I'm just listening/ unsuccessfully trying to keep myself from listening to sad songs. I am the way I am.. Tonight is just one of those nights that I'll curl up in bed and cry out to God saying I'm desperate not to be alone. *sigh* I'll be fine.

  We leaving for Cali early Wednesday morning.. So we're on the count down.. I haven't even started packing. I should probably get to that, huh? Moms stressed to the max.. Which is never a good thing for me. Prayers on our sanity would be appreciated. We're excited, but worried about the ranch. It's not a good time to leave with all the baby goats, so we're just praying that Ethan actually pays attention to what's going on.

Shalom( I could use a bit of it myself..),


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