Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A conglomeration of random topics I've been meaning to touch on for weeks and weeks.

Laina was hiding.. 

My sweet Adon :)
Laina cut my hair!

my hair was a mess.. but I loved how it looked so much that I just had to capture it. 
Easter dress!

I just love how my hair curls.. 

   Ok.. all these pictures of myself probably seem vein.. but are we not supposed to celebrate what we find beautiful about ourselves? When I feel pretty, I take pictures. I have the desire to document that amazing feeling of self-worth. If you have a problem with that.. well then you don't have to follow me.

 Moving swiftly on...

  Unanswered prayers.. with a show of hands, how many of you are thankful that God didn't give you what you prayed for. I know I am. Places I wanted to go.. guys I wanted to marry. Goodness I am so thankful. But I'm thankful for God saying no. God always answers our prayers with one of three things... 1) Yes. He LOVES to tell us yes!! 2) Not yet. God's timing is always the very best. 3)No. Something to remember.. God always wants what's best for us, and He always knows what's best. God always answers our prayers. Just not always how we want.

  Global Warming.. Ok, I get how we need to take care of our planet, and I'm totally on board with that, but global warming?? Really?? Tell me this.. how long have people been keeping track of how the earth acts? a few hundred years at the most? yeah. For all we know, this could be the earth's normal cycle!

  Dance class/ The Formal.. I'm loving class and so excited about the formal.. Unless you've gone with a date and then gone as a single person.. you can't fully understand how freeing it is. Not that I'm going boy crazy or anything. I just like feeling like I can become friends with guys I meet and not feel guilty about it. Anyway, I can't wait till the Formal!

  Well that's all I've got for you today. I'll do a post talking about The Grand Canyon and pictures soon.




  1. I really like what you addressed with God answering prayers. I do a "Prayer Requests Wednesday/Thursday" blog, so it fit in perfectly and addressed something I was praying about yesterday :)

    1. Awesome! God does work in mysterious ways :).


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