Monday, April 1, 2013

This week the trend..

(I'm kinda obsessed with Relient K right now if you hadn't noticed.. 

 It seems like the most important thing now days, is doing what everyone else is doing. I'm fairly certain that this has always been relatively true though.

  I have a bone to pick with society though. You see, there's something programmed into me, that if I didn't get to a book series, a movie, a style before it became the "big thing", I literally don't have the ability to like it, or at the very least love it. I simply cannot obsess over something that millions of people are already obsessing over.

  This is why I don't like One Direction very much. I have nothing against their music. I find it quite catchy actually, but something inside me holds me from really enjoying them.

 Some other examples: 

~Twilight~ Personally I just think the books and movies are trash simply because the books are terribly written and there is no good message in them what so ever. I doubt I would enjoy this series even if it wasn't famous.

~Harry Potter~ Honestly, I really just have no desire to have anything to do with this series. I feel like it wouldn't be good for me, so I'm not going to read or watch. Everyone obsessing over it doesn't help though.


~ Doctor Who~ It's not as if I obsess over it or anything. I am slowly taking my time to get through the series. I just genuinely enjoy it, but I still consider it an exception because it has such a huge following.


~The Hunger Games~ To me.. this belongs in neither of the before mentioned categories. I absolutely LOVE this series, but I read the books before it got super famous.

Do y'all ever do this?

Wupatki National Monument:

To my knowledge, I had never been to the ruins of a pueblo village before, so I really enjoyed this.

ruins from a distance

that thing was huge y'all..

I love how they just incorporated the rocks that were already there, into the building.

A Kiva! (ceremonial structure for worship..)

More natural rocks!




  1. Those pictures were very enjoyable to see. Thank you for sharing :) As far as society's trends, I can somewhat relate. I don't want to watch Twlight because it was so beloved. But then I liked The Hunger Games before it became really huge, so that wasn't very affected in me. Then on the other hand, Les Miserable has been very popular in these last few weeks. Because every one said it was good (and I didn't know of any inappropriate elements), I watched it. This was unlike Pitch Perfect, which made me feel uncomfortable; it was popular, but I felt that would not help my walk. It's interesting to see how society's trends affect us. :) I hope that made sense.

  2. I sometimes have a really hard time getting into what everyone else likes because it's completely overrated. And I hate twilight. Hate. It. Yuck. Especially because I thought it was absolutely designating that 40 year old moms were going crazy over a 107 year old vampire trapped in the body of a 17 year old boy. Talk about gross.

  3. Not designating, disgusting. Stupid autocorrect on my dumb phone.


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