Monday, May 13, 2013

Maybe we're born with it

 Yesterday's topic was What do you miss ( A person, place, a time in your life).

This is a tough thing for me.. simply because I want to pour my heart out on the right subject, so here goes.

I miss fingers laced together.
I miss sneaking a kiss when my dad goes to get the pop corn at the movies.
I miss tickle fights when I would beg you to stop.
I miss those hugs. The kind that always reminded me that everything would be OK.
I miss dinner with your family, talking with your dad, and laughing with your sister. 
I miss YOU. 

I don't miss the relationship. I miss the time spent. I miss my best friend. 

Today's topic is A public apology. 

Anonymous, I'm sorry that you're so hurting that you feel the need to take stabs at me. I'm sorry that you seem to have such a terrible self-image that you're trying to destroy mine. I'm sorry that I can eat junk food all day everyday and not be fat (actually I'm not sorry about that one). I'm sorry that you can't find happiness in who you are.. so you have to attempt (won't work with me) to take it away from others.
I really feel sorry for you. I'm praying for you.



P.S. I was serious about my apology. I wasn't being sarcastic or anything of the sort. 

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