Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh how joyful :)

Today's topic is 10 things that make you really happy. 

  1) Passionate, bone chilling, goosebump giving music.
  2)Worshiping my God.
  3)Willy Wonka with my Ocean.
  4) Pinterest with my Laina.
  5) Sharing encouragement and growth with my Rachael.
  6) My whole family gathered around our table to play cards or dominos.
  7) Movies with Papa.
  8) Talking careers with Mom.
  9)Shopping with my sisters.
  10)Frozen Yogurt at Fresh and Fruity with Tori.

What makes you happy?




  1. Frozen yogurt is great, especially when its homemade frozen yogurt!
    A few things that me happy are:
    1: Watching Star Wars, The Avengers or Lord of the Rings.
    2: Reviewing movies
    3: Worshiping God
    4: Reading and commenting on blogs

    Those are just a few things that make me happy.


    1. I've never had homemade fro yo, but I do know that it's better with an amazing sister-in-law than it is alone :).

      Great list :).


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