Monday, June 3, 2013


Y'all all know that I have a thing for tattoos, so I thought I'd share some that I really like. Most of these I would never actually get, because all of my tattoos will have a special meaning to me behind them, but I'll point out any that I do want to get.

I'd consider doing this. It represents the ability to stop, but the choice to continue.

I really like this, because it represents who I am. A song bird.
Someday I'll have this on my lower back. 

I want this on my shoulder/back with the mockingjay pin :)

I'm not sure yet where it'll be. Maybe my wrist. but this will be my first tattoo.  It'll remind me that I'm a jewel/something to be cherished.
There are other tattoos that I know I wan't but don't have pictures of. One of these days, I'll have Laina draw them on me, and I'll post them for you to see :).


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  1. I love the semi colon one:) oh, and the diamond! I really like what they represent. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!


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