Thursday, July 11, 2013


  Something that Mom and I have been talking about recently is what makes relationships good or bad. I'm talking ANY relationship, but my focus today is romantic relationships.

  When you're having issues with you're significant other, the core problem will always be selfishness. People are always thinking about what they want.

When you're in a relationship with someone, there has to be give and take, but you can't control if the other person is giving. It's not your job to tell them what to do. It's you're job to take care of you. Make sure that your priorities go in this order:

1) God

2)Significant other


Today (or more like just lately) I've been thinking a lot about relationships. Specifically romantic ones. I looked through my pinterest board about love and here are some pins that jumped out to me.

& is a Christian

I just can't...



  1. A marriage, romantic relationship, or friendship will only last long term if each side is interested in the others well being above their own


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