Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm alive I promise

Stage #1 of dying my hair.
Finished product

Finished product, back

Can you tell I LOVE my new hair??? 

Play hair and makeup!

Mom made it look so pretty!!!

crazy crimps and curls after taking the braids out last night!

So.... I haven't really been blogging much lately... SORRY!!!! Life has been super crazy with finishing up school, and play rehearsal. Y'all... Opening night... is on THURSDAY. WOW. Time has flown like crazy!!

I'm both nervous and excited about the play opening. A little sad too. I've fallen in-love with my cast members and I don't want this amazing time to end. I couldn't be more thankful that God told me to do the play this summer. It truly has been an amazing experience that I will treasure forever.

Tomorrow my Aunt Bonnie flies in, and next week Kt and her family are coming. So life will continue to be hectic for a few more weeks, but I promise that I haven't forgotten about y'all!

How is life?




  1. Glad your play is going well. What exactly does "Shalom" mean? I should probably watch it.


    1. Most people know "Shalom" as meaning "Peace" in Hebrew, but it actually has over 70 meanings. Basically, it's everything good that you can think of.


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