Monday, August 5, 2013

Days gone by

  Laina spent Wednesday-This evening at my house. Amazing? Yes. While she didn't take my impatience and whatnot away, she was a great joy and distraction. She also drew on me. Would you like to see pictures?

This will be my first tattoo. Not sure about the placement yet. 

Just a doodle

I want this on my back, centered over my heart. 

Just messing around haha

Just a doodle, but I really like it. It's on my back. 

This a for sure someday. On my right forearm.

 Thoughts on the "tattoos"? Especially ones I want for sure.

I'm sad that I missed out on going to Rock the Desert, but the time with Laina was MUCH needed, and on Saturday we had a birthday party for Caleb (He turns 5 tomorrow.... WHAT?!) which was a fun, but exhausting day.

I got to see two movies this weekend. Despicable Me 2 on Friday night and Wolverine on Sunday night. I really liked both of them :).

How have y'all been?




  1. those tattoos are beautiful! I really love them!

  2. In general I am against tattoos, but I do like the diamond one.


  3. LOVE that tree!! its gorgeous!!!

  4. Isn't there a Bible verse against tattoos?

  5. The verse you're referring to is talking about using the tattoos and peircings as a form of evil worship.
    It's all about the meaning behind the tattoo.


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