Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I don't appreciate what I have like I should.

No make-up and you know what? I don't care :)

"Push me Wanna!!"

Fun in the pool with Kezley and Becky :)

  This weeks Whatever Wednesday topic is : Someone or something you take for granted.

 I've put a lot of thought into this... and I think I'm pretty good about not taking the people in my life for granted, but I do take my life in general for granted.

 God has blessed me with the beautiful ranch, the ability to grow up worshiping my God when and where I want, being home schooled, the list goes on.

  I'm one of those people that largely lives in the future. I'm constantly planning/ thinking about what's to come. It's rare that I just live in the moment and take it all in.

  I realize that this isn't good... because one day I'll look back and kick myself for not being thankful for the moment I was in.

  The truth is, I have a great life. Is it a super easy one with no problems? Absolutely not, but it's a blessed life. I don't have the boyfriend I want nor am I graduated yet. I don't have my license and I don't see my friends as much as I'd like to. Papa isn't a Christian... but he is an active part of my life. My sisters don't all live close by, but they come to visit, and I can call or text them anytime I want.

  My point is... everything won't always be rosey.... but this life I live? The life that God has given me to live? It's a really great one. I'm gonna work hard to not take it for granted as much.




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