Friday, August 9, 2013

I refuse to say "Goodbye".

  It's always fun when family comes to visit, but the time goes much too quickly.

  This morning at 6:30 I found myself sitting at the table yawning; dreading the hugs and kisses I'd have to give in a few minutes that would mean Kt and her beautiful family would be leaving.

  I didn't cry. For the first time in a long time, I didn't burst into tears while I was hugging and kissing this piece of my family.

  It's always been hard to see Kt go, but with those two sweet boys.... it breaks my heart that I'm missing so much of their growing up years. I'm scared.... scared for stupid and absurd reasons... like being scared that next time I see David, he won't call me "Wanna" anymore... that I'll have graduated to "Alana". I'm scared that Caleb won't want cuddles anymore.

  I don't wanna miss out on seeing them grow up. I wish they lived close by so I could see them every week or so and spoil them with hugs and kisses.

   I already miss them. Thank God Becky and Kezley are here.



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