Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My favorite moment...

  I'm cheating on today's whatever wednesday post. The topic is : You're favorite memory from this summer. Well, I'm sorry, but I refuse to chose one moment. I can't. I will,though, stick to play related memories, because Willy Wonka was my favorite thing about this summer.

That time in the lobby where I was "trying" to catch Ben(He played Charlie). We spent a good 15 minutes with him dodging me around a table. 

That Sunday rehearsal when Ocean and I were outside on the bench during break and I was laying on her. 

Backstage with Wesley during either a run-through or an actual performance (I don't remember). Golden Age of Chocolate was happening on stage and he was playing the drums on my legs to the music. 

Teaching Stone how to do "Jazz hands". 

I have many more, but I'm going to stop there...

Oh I'm also going to put this:

All memories from when my sisters and their families were here. Family makes the best memories. 

Y'all, I had an amazing summer. It was far from easy or perfect, but in many ways it changed how I look at life... how I think... how I see my future. That, my friends, is far from a bad thing. Summer 2013 rocked my world. I wouldn't change a thing about it!

How about you?


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  1. I found it hard to choose just one. But any with family always wins in my book! ;)


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