Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For the love of.....

 So today's Blogtember topic is favorite online shops. I don't do online shopping really.... so I'm skipping today.

I have news for you though! From September 23rd- October 9th, I will either be in or on my way to(back from) Florida! I'm beyond excited :D. I'm going with Laina and her family :). Disney World, here we come!!
Since I'll be on vacation, I've decided to take a blogger break. It will be a good recharge for me :).

Anyways, lately I've had puppies on the brain... and last night, it was Australian Sheppard puppies to be specific. So I thought I'd overwhelm you with cuteness....

I'm definitely a cat person, but there's nothing quite like a loyal dog. Someday I'll have an Aussie again. If this wasn't a stupid time of my life to get one, and my mom wouldn't be pissed, I'd be looking for one to buy right now... 



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