Thursday, September 12, 2013

I'll never be the same.

For today's Blogtember topic I'm going to talk about how blogging has changed me.

I've stated many times that I'm not a writer. I don't aspire to be a writer. This blog is just my life... the triumphs and the follies. I may not give y'all every gritty detail, but I share myself with you.

Through almost two years I've been blogging, I've learned how to share myself through words. I may not be eloquent or anything, but I can get my point across. I've also gotten to where writing really helps me work through my problems. I have my blog, a journal, a book that I write letters to the people I'm dealing with (letters that never get sent), and I have a box that I put letters to myself for a specific time or life.

Blogging has opened me up. It's taught me that I don't have to hide what I'm going through. It's taught me to not care what people think, as long as I'm doing what God has called me to do. This blog... has brought me to some really amazing people... and helped me find myself. This blog and the people who follow it brought me through a really hard breakup, and countless other trials. I'm so so glad I started this blog.



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