Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 30, 1996

Donald and Vernice Visser's 15th Anniversary.

Don and Vernice. Engagement picture maybe?

Today's assignment for genealogy was to write about my maternal grandmother Neecie (Vernice). Since I was writing her story, I was also writing about her husband, my grandfather, Don. He died October 30, 1996. I had just barely turned one year old. It was only a few minutes ago when it hit me that today is 17 years to the day, since he passed away. 

I feel strange about today. I am sad that he isn't here today. I'm sad that I was so young when he died and don't remember him. From all the stories I've heard, I can tell he was a great man. I feel robbed of the blessing of having a grandfather. But I also can't say that I miss him. I didn't know him, after all. All I can say for sure is that I pray my children will never have to go through this. I pray that they know both sets of their grandparents very well. It would break my heart if my kids didn't get to have my parents as grandparents. They're amazing people. 

I guess what I'm trying to say... is today is sad and thoughtful for me. Be thankful for your grandparents. My Paternal grandparents died in 1988(Alan) and 2006( Mary Bob), and my maternal grandfather died in 1996. I'm doing my best to be thankful for the grandmother I still have around. 




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  1. My maternal grandfather died a few years before I was born, and I always feel sad that I didn't get to meet him and get to know him. because all I have are the stories my mom tells of him. I knew my maternal grandmother quite well, although sadly she had pretty severe dementia and so I didn't get to hear that many stories about her childhood.


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