Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This world. Ugh. Part 1

  We live in a world where the image of beauty is very messed up. It's all about perfect skin and zero fat (but curves are required too). You have to have ample cleavage and a perky butt. Perfect hair and nails, with hair only in the right places is a must too.

  Correct me if I'm wrong, but when someone is beautiful on the inside, it radiates from them, making them beautiful on the outside. Which means if you're ugly on the inside, your outside will be ugly too.
I'm not saying that people shouldn't wear makeup, or shave, or strive to be healthy, and well groomed. My point is your makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not be caked on; and when it comes to health, it's not about how much you weigh. It's about how you're taking care of yourself.



  1. I think the world's view of beauty is ridiculous. I see people that fit that standard and, quite frankly, think everything BUT beautiful. It makes my heart happy that someone with a precious spirit, such as yours, can see the truth :)


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