Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pet peeves & Pinterest love

 One of my #1 pet peeves? People making judgments about me when they really don't know me at all. They don't know what my life is like or what goes on in my head. All they know is one tiny sliver of me and they don't even know the whole story to that either.

  Don't judge me, unless you know me. Honestly, the only people who know me well enough to judge me, are God and the people who are in my daily life (Ocean, Laina, ect). But in all honesty, God's the only one who has a right to judge me. So back off. Leave the judging up to the qualified.


Oh Rudy...

I love The Book Thief

When I finish my story, my book,  this quote will be going at the end. 

Cuddling is almost a life source for me at times. 
I'm with ya on that, Sheldon.

I like the sound of that :). 



  1. you tell 'em Alana. people will always judge and they will make up the details to stories they know half of because small minds survive on drama. i probably don't even need to say it, but don't let those people get you down. you are beautiful and your life is beautiful. half the time i have no idea what your posts are about because there is something going on that you are not giving details about, but i do know that life is not being your friend right now.

    i think it's important to know that life hasn't always been my friend either. i don't know what exactly is weighing you down, but i love your attitude of 'this too shall pass.' chin up, even when it's tough. there are people who have your back, whether they are involved in your everyday life or not.

    i love your precious heart and uniquely wonderful outlook on life. keep trudging through, princess. you can do it :)

    1. Oh Natalie... You are so incredibly sweet. For reals. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. They mean the world to me. The fact that you really care, when we've never met and basically what we know of each other is what we share on our blogs.... it gives me an extra shot of hope. Hope in my life and hope in this world.
      I promise you, one day, you will hear all about what's been on my heart these last months. One day I'll share my story.


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