Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Woman in the Mirror.

I simply adore this girl. She has my heart. No question about it. 

Ocean sent me this box....

  A couple years ago, I found peace with my physical appearance. Obviously, there are things I really don't like, but I chose to over look those things and call myself beautiful, because it's what I am. 
  Now... to apply such a concept to who I am as a person.... that's a whole different can of beans. I see where I stumble. I know how I respond to my parents, I know what my sins are. I'm no fool to the mistakes I make everyday. 
  It's interesting, forgiveness is never easy, but I find I'm able to forgive others *much* easier than I am myself. How can I forgive myself? Especially when it's something that I really can't guarantee won't happen again. It's a huge struggle for me. It's something that, though I know God wants me to, I'm still at war with myself about actually taking that step.

 I'm not exactly sure how it works when forgiving ones self, but forgiveness is something that costs the person doing the forgiving. It's sending the one being forgiven, away without consequence. It means that all anger you had towards them is gone. All wishes of harm are washed away. Forgiving is... letting go of vengeance and taking the cost onto yourself. 


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