Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Afraid to hope & afraid not to.

  Sometimes something happens and you have a feeling it's a good thing, but you're also scared that it really isn't. I'm scared of hoping and believing it's good, because what if it isn't? I'm not sure I can handle another disappointment. But I also know I need to trust God, because I *did* seek Him before I did anything and I know that ultimately all things work together for good. 

  It's just scary. Trusting God is scary. I like to be in control. I'm hard headed and stubborn (redundant... I know). Trusting God means giving up what I want and letting Him be in control. It's a good thing, and it's something that will really take a load off and make me stop stressing. Easier said than done though, ya know? Oh Lord help me. 



  1. loving your new blog look :)

  2. I totally get that! And the weird thing about trust (trusting God, especially) is that when we're completely out-of-control that's when God's perfectly in the driver's seat. I think that sometime's it's harder for women, because we're natural doers (most times) and we like things a certain way (and that's not to say that some guys care as well...but as a majority, it's women who are nit-picky...) Christianity is a weird paradox: To live freely, we have to be bound, heart and soul to God in complete loss of control in our current situations...


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