Friday, February 21, 2014

One giant leap...

So yesterday was hectic, messy, and frustrating. Papa and I left the house at 6:15 A.M. to get to the DPS at 7, so I could stand in line until 8 to get a driving test appointment later in the day. When 8 am finally rolled around, the lady who processed my documents and set up my appointment was SUPER nice. I'd been to that office before, but I'd always dealt with this jerk of a guy so I was relieved to be dealing with someone who seemed to really enjoy her job. 2:20 was when my test would be, so Papa decided to take me home and mom could bring me in later. Well, when we got home, we noticed that the inspection sticker was expired on my pickup, so mom and I went back into town to get it inspected. Did it pass? No. Why, you ask? Because one of my tail-light covers was cracked.... Thankfully we know a mechanic/tire guy in town who helped us locate a new cover, install it, and we finally had the pickup inspected and ready just a half hour before my test.
 Oh, and just to add to my stress level and nervousness, it was the guy who drove with me for the test. Not the nice lady. I about burst into tears when I found that out. Well, with a few points taken off here and there for minor things... I PASSED. I'm officially a licensed driver. Holy Crap that's scary. My parents want me to drive a bunch with them for a few weeks or so and work on driving in the city before they completely let me lose, but legally, I could drive if I needed to.
  It's weird, I'm not as over-joyed as you'd expect me to be. I'm mostly just glad the whole test thing is over with.



  1. Good job, sounds like you handled the nerves well. It's a good idea to get some experience first before you're totally off the lease but I think you'll enjoy the freedom you have now

  2. it's such a relief to get that test over with for sure! i'm glad you passed!! hooray!


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