Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The truth

  It's hard when the truth is like swallowing sand. When it feels like you're being stabbed over and over, not to mention the alcohol which is being poured over the wound. 
  The truth is, I don't like rightnow, but reality will change. That's the whole truth. See, the truth about this moment sucks, but the truth about the coming years is God inspired. It's cool how that works. 

  Somehow I just have to convince myself that there's no point in being bitter, sad, and angry rightnow, because this isn't how the story ends. 

The pain of rightnow does matter. It matters to me and it's very real, but it's not the end. God has this... everything is going to be ok...


  1. so true girl!! I'm sorry your place right now is hard! Hope things get better. Because i feel the same way as you.

    stop by,

  2. "Pain reminds us that we are alive, love reminds us why." I pray you find love (Christ's, family's, friend's) through what you're going through, friend.


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