Monday, May 12, 2014

Okay God...

  So a few weeks ago, I auditioned for the summer play at the local community theater. To say that I didn't want to audition would be a MAJOR understatement,  but I begrudgingly obeyed God... because I knew I'd regret going against what He told me to do. 
  I still haven't found out whether I've been cast ( God is definitely trying to teach me patience...), but as I've been waiting I've gone back and forth between wanting to be in the play and not wanting to. At this point, I'll find a way to be happy either way, because I know it'll be God's will, but I'd much rather be able to decide how *I* want to spend my summer. 

I want to travel with my friends and family. I want to hangout with friends and family as much as possible and read in my down time. But I've put this in God's hands, and I trust Him. I know He has something really awesome in store for my summer. 

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