Friday, August 1, 2014

Some are rougher than others.

  Sometimes we have weeks that threaten to break us. I've had a rough week. Partially because of myself, and partially because life just likes to be a jerk sometimes. 
  Y'all, I've had some great moments. I mean, on Tuesday I got to hold Cora for the first time! I went to see the movie Lucy with Papa and loved it; and I went to a play last night and had a great time. But for some reason, the bad over shadows the good. It shouldn't be that way. Even if there are more moments of anger and anguish, than smiles and laughter. 

  I'm challenging myself to learn to control my temper. Y'all I have a *super* short fuse, and when I'm stressed and life is a royal pain, like lately, I'm positively awful. 
  I've been a bad friend this summer, and this is why things *must* change. The Today's Show is doing a 30 day detox. Well, I'm detoxing anger and cussing (for me those go together. If I'm angry, I cuss.). Remember: 21 days makes a habit. 

  Anyone joining me in detoxing life?

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