Friday, September 19, 2014

Lessons about life

  Today in Worldview class we talked about tolerance, and about how now days everyone is talking about having tolerance, but that's not what they're really talking about. I mean, if you're tolerating something, you don't like it, but you're "biting your tongue". They're talking about acceptance and just forgetting that you may have started out with a problem. It's ridiculous.

In other news, I had a super awesome weekend! We went to Mustang Island State Park and camped on the beach. I have to say... I wasn't crazy about camping on the beach, but the beach itself was fun. 
I got baptized, yall. God told me it was time, so I sluffed off all that bad stuff I've been claiming as identity, and declared God'a plan over myself. And then Nate dunked me in the Ocean. It was beautiful.

I also got super burnt. It's bad. Like, I put sun screen on multiple times but man... I'm so fried. Especially my face. 

So yeah. My weekend was really good despite getting fried. I love my housemates. 


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