Thursday, October 2, 2014

A bit stressed, but in-love

  I've been absent from this blog world which I love, ooops. Life has just been so busy! So much homework and class time. And then theres all the time we spend hanging out. It doesn't leave much left over for randomness. 

  It's been good though. It can be rather stressful at times, but I'm so in-love wit.h this place. I seriously in my happy place. I'm in a place where it's set up for me to grow and thrive.

  This weekend I get to spend a couple days at home, which will be really good for me. I'm excited about that. Time with family will be a good recharge for me. I miss them.. I miss my tree.. and my bed. I'm excited about life, but I'm also sad that things will never be the same again... even if I do end up deciding that moving home after this would be the smartest choice. Life has changed... and that's good. Just a little scary. 

  How are y'all? How is life looking? 


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