Thursday, June 4, 2015

He Never Leaves us Where we are

On Sunday I moved in with my elderly grandmother to help care for her. I also got a new job, so now I have two part time jobs that add up to a full time job. These things, as well as personal struggles and just life stuff were weighing on me when I went to the G42U house last night to worship. 
  I walked into the room with music playing and Ruthann, Jessi, and Garett already worshiping. The room was already saturated in the presence of God and my eyes filled with tears. For the first three or so songs I just stood there, tears flowing, words sung when I could choke them out. Ruthann came to me and prayed over me. She was shaking with the presence of God. She prayed breakthrough over me. She prayed for a renewed fire. I cried. Sobbed. By the end of the song I felt like my very being was vibrating. I breathed deep and felt as if I was literally breathing in the presence of God. I felt light, and full. 
  Later a song called "you make me brave" came on. Chorus:
You make me brave
You make me brave
You call me out beyond the shore into the waves
You make me brave
You make me brave 
Now fear can hinder now the promises you made 

God spoke to me in that song. He was telling me that He made me brave. That's why I took on living with my grandmother. That's why I'm making plans to go live in the Philippines for three months. He made me brave to live the life He's given me. He's called me out into the waves with no fear to stop the promised He's made me. 
  That's *huge* y'all! 

   After worship we were all talking and Runthann told me she saw a tree while she was praying for me. Not a little sappling, but I developed tree with a strong foundation. 
This brought to mind the verse Haley spoke over me on graduation day. She too saw a tree. The verse was Psalms 1:3 "He is like a tree planted by streams of water that yields fruit in it's season, and it's leaf does not wither. In all he does, he prospers."
I'm the tree. I'm the "he". I have a strong foundation. I am strong. I yield fruit in my season, my leaf does not wither, and I prosper in *everything* I do, because I have been plated by the steams of water. The living water of God. 

  God is so good, y'all. 



Jesus loves you & I do too!
Be blessed, but also be a blessing.