Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Do you ever?

  Do you ever want to just pick up and leave? Technically it's running away, but it can also be seen as starting fresh. I want to do that. 
 I have an overwhelming desire to go to the Philippines and not just be there for three months, but stay there forever. Only coming to the States to visit. 
  Yes, I think that would be lovely. And purposeful. 

  Tomorrow is a new day. Lets make a difference in our world. 



  1. So I have felt this feeling many, many times. Especially when I was younger and my life was in a similar place that yours is. I think it's normal.

    Also, I have a cousin who lived in the philippines for six years or so. I'm not sure exactly what she did over there, but I believe it was ministry related and I think she worked with kids. If this is something that you really want to do, start doing your research and looking up ways to make it possible. If it's where God wants you, doors will start opening. If not, other doors might open that lead you to something else - maybe a different country or state. But seriously, seriously, start looking into it. No harm can come from good research!!

    1. I just wanna.... Go! Haha.

      Oh I already have plans to be there for three months with an organization I have worked with before. I just currently have the desire to stay there indefinitly. I mean, aside from this being where my friends and family are... Nothing is tying me here.

    2. Maybe while you're over there something will open up for you to stay indefinitely! I think now is the perfect time to go, since you don't have any real ties where you are. family will love you from near or far, so go! Go! GO! you're amazing!

    3. I'm going in January! We'll see what happens from there :).


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