Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time stops for no one

Life has been busy lately with Kt and her family being in town, birthday parties for a niece and a nephew, still working full time, and also trying to keep intentional with friends.
 But despite all the crazy, and the ups and downs in mood and situation, I'm so blessed to be filled with a peace that only comes from God. 

He is continually streatching me, but He never abandons me. He pushes me to love more, trust more, be more, but He doesn't expect me to do it on my own. 

Rightnow I'm working hard to save up money for the Philippines. I'm working two part time jobs which add up to full time. 
One of my focuses is what I will do when I get back. I have a desire to become a nurse midwife, so my plan is to go to school to get my RN first. Y'all, college is stupid expensive. That *was* super stressing me out. Thankfully right now I'm feeling peace about it. 
I'm trying not to plan too much, because I know how God loves to change things up, but planning is my natural response to future things, so I can't help planning some. Obviously nothing is decided. 

Some pictures from life lately: 
Kez. The girl is a model.
Baby Ian

New tattoo and piercing. 


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