Friday, July 13, 2012

100% me

This post is inspired by Anna Gray :)

I've done a few posts similar to this one.

But this is going to be a little different. 
I'm just gonna share who I am. 
That's the sole purpose of this post :).

so here goes. 

I'm a singer.
A lover, not a fighter; but I will fight for what I love.
I am undeniably silly at times.
I am passionate.. about everything. 
I have the same laugh as my brother. 
I have awful nails, that peel.
Acne plagues my face. 
I want to be a mother some day.. so much.
Everyone tells me I'm really tall... I'm only 5 ft 7, y'all... you should see my family! 
I just want my hair to grow long.. and be it's natural color.
My heart longs for new places and experiences.  
I have a burning desire to help those who are hurting. 
I'm jealous of those who have true love. And when I say "true love", I mean the pure, hard, tested love. The love where you want to kill the person sometimes, but you chose to love them anyway. The love where, when you're dating, you're content with just being with them.. or just holding their hand; that, that's enough of a way to express you love. 
I believe whole heartedly that I am going to have said love, someday. It will be worth the wait.
I am a believer in "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" .
I trust to easily, and as a result; I get hurt a lot. 
I really find no celebrity worth obsessing over. I prefer to obsess over God.
Like wise, I find no celebrity worth looking up to. So I chose Jesus  and  people from the Bible.. like Ruth and Esther. 
I Am Flawed. 
Love always,
-Alana <3


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  1. I LOVE this Alana!!! This is so beautiful and your blog is great!!!! I also wanted to tell you I'm having a giveaway right now at my blog if you'd like to enter! Thanks so much for following me!!!


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