Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let God

Someday I want my hair to be this color. 

Day 30: React to the term Letting go.

  Letting go means moving on, it doesn't mean forgetting.
  Letting go means to chose to step away from the past and towards the future.

  I've learned a lot about letting go, in the last year, considering everything that's happened with Micah. Letting go is a process. My first step was to let him go physically. I finally listened to God's prompting, and accepted that I wasn't supposed to be with him.
  Next I had to let Him go emotionally. When we first broke up, the plan was to get back together in a year. After being apart for a few months, we both realized that there was nothing but friendship for in our future. We had to let that fairy tale dream of us, go.
   Right now I'm struggling through letting go of the emotions tied to my memories with him. I will never forget our time together, and I wouldn't want to, but I need to be able to look back without being flooded by emotion. Personally, I believe that this is the hardest step of all.

  Letting go... it's an interesting and important concept. Without letting go, we have no chance for the bright future God has planned. I mean, if I refused to let Micah go... well I'd never get my happily ever after, now would I? Today is 10 days shy of a year being single. I have to say that, though I tire of being alone at times, letting Micah go was one of the best choices I've ever made. God has so much better for me. He's cool like that ;).


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  1. definitely emotionally letting go of someone is super hard. you sound like you are in a really good spot tho, mentally. which really helps. mostly it just takes time though. and good use of that time, too. :)


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