Wednesday, July 17, 2013


  Today on Whatever Wednesday's we're talking about heartbreak. Now, it doesn't have to be about a guy who broke your heart or anything, just a moment in time... or something... that really hurt.

  Mine is a subject that I've spoken on before... Becky and Kezley. It was a moment just a month or so ago, when my mom was leaving to go spend some time with them.

All I wanted was to be there. To hug my amazing big sister, and kiss my adorable niece's cheeks. I wanted to annoy the heck out of Becky by cuddling way too close, and watch Kezley dissolve into giggles when I "chase" her.

It's heartbreaking knowing that, that sweet girl is growing up without me there to watch. Knowing that, yes, I can pick-up the phone and call Becky whenever I want/need, but it's not the same as seeing the comfort in her eyes and getting one of those amazing hugs.

Kt will be here next week, and I'm so so so so excited about that. The only thing that would make this perfect though, is having Becky's little family here too.


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  1. Oh this is so bittersweet and true. I was across the country from my niece for the first six months of her life, and I literally moved across the country to watch her grow.. not to rub it in, but one day you'll be 18;)


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