Tuesday, September 3, 2013


  Back in May, I participated in the "blog everyday in May" challenge. Now Jenni from Story Of My Life has done it again. Though this time she's being much easier on us... Today is our first day, and we only have to blog week days. You can find the challenge here.

The topic for today is: Describe where or what you come from.

Where do I come from??? Oh goodness, here goes.
I come from two hard working, silly, loving people.
I come from Red Mountain Ranch, which has seen plenty of my blood sweat and tears.
I come from a home of mayhem, and I don't quite know whether I should be sad about not remembering what it was like for everyone to live here.
I come from my three amazing, funny, terrifying, strong, mean, loving sisters and my one jerk, goofball, joking buddy of a brother.
I'm quite convinced that I come from music, singing, because it flows from my heart and soul.
I come from a father... a Papa who strongly values hard-work, honesty, and helping other people.
I come from a mother... a Mama who is the strongest woman I know. She has held onto her faith, despite not having a husband who shares it. She taught five kids, runs a ranch, runs a house, and does all the book work. Basically, I come from a super hero.
Lastly, I come from God. Without Him... nothing else would be possible. I pray that my kids will have such good things to say about where they come from.



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