Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Only a Memory

I'm not really feeling today's prompt of only pictures, but I would like to use yesterday's.... a moment you wish you could relive.

My moment takes me back to March 18th of this year. I was laying in bed, miserable with a cold. I'd just enjoyed my cousin's wedding weekend, in Temecula, California. Becky, Kezley (11 1/2 months at the time) and I were sharing a room at my aunt's friends house. Becky was rushing around the room, packing everything up. It was our last morning there. We were supposed to be getting ready to head to my aunt Bonnie's where I'd meet my parents and we'd hit the road, but I felt like I'd been runover by a truck... twice, So I was being slow. Kezley was walking around the edge of the bed, being a happy little girl. She came to the side I was on, looking quite concerned (typically I'd be up and showered by now). She smiled up at me and said "lalalala...". (The name that Becky chose for Kez to call me, is "Lala") In that moment.... I melted.

In other news, I'm doing something... that feels crazy, but I KNOW that it's what God told me to do, so I'm trusting Him. please be in prayer for me? This is life changing.




  1. What a sweet memory :)

    Also... God pushed me to tell you this story today.
    My family and I recently got a puppy. She’s an outside dog. A few days ago, I went outside to feed her. I had a few cups of puppy chow in tow as I marched outside toward her bowl, and I called her name. She caught sight of me just as I accidentally tripped—almost falling—and some of the food spilled onto the ground. She rushed to the little bits of food on the ground and began eating it. I proceeded to her bowl, and dumped the rest of the food into it. I called my puppy, but she didn’t come. “Come on!” I called. “The good stuff is over here!” But she didn’t come. No, she isn’t completely trained, but she knows when she’s supposed to come to me. I marched toward her, and lifted her off of the ground. She tried to wiggle out of my arms, trying to get back to what she thought was her breakfast. When I set her down in front of her bowl, where the good, clean food was, she became excited and ate ravenously.
    I realized something in this. We, as humans, are like the puppy. We think that where we are is better than nothing, and we eat the food we found on the ground. But sometimes God lifts us away from what we think is our “breakfast.” We fight Him, asking Him why He did this to us when that was all we had, why He took this away from us. We’re in this rebellious, questioning point, when all He’s doing is leading us to something much, much better. “I DID call you,” He says. “But you weren’t listening.”
    Have a beautiful day, Alana.

    1. That's a really beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. It's just reminding me that what I'm doing is the right thing. I'm not settling, I'm going after what God has for me. Thank you <3

    2. Oh, I never said you were. I was just saying what God told me to.


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