Thursday, September 19, 2013

In a fog.

I'm skipping today's Blogtember topic because I don't write fiction.

Last night... I had a terrible terrible dream. The kind that crushes you and bleeds into your day after you wake up. I know it was just a dream.... but it felt so real. It feels so real....

I'm such a mix of emotions lately. Life isn't too terrible in parts.
 I've got my parents.
My senior year is going fine.
I get to go on vacation with my second family starting Sunday.
I have amazing, supportive friends.
God has promised me so much.

but then there's the stuff that isn't so great.
Dreams that literally shake me.
Having family far away.
Having unsaved family members.
Waiting for God's promises..

My life right-now is such a roller-coaster. Some days I great. I'm going strong and trusting. and other days I'm an absolute train wreck. Oh Lord help me.



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