Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Name obsessed

Anyone who knows me very well knows that I have a small obsession with names for my future children. I know I've shared before (here), but I'm going to share my current list . I have the meanings for all of them which is so *SO* important to me, and if they have some special meaning to me, I'll tell you about it.

Girl names I like:
~Donae(Scottish) World leader; Esther(Hebrew)- secret, hidden
Okay, Donae is my middle name. My parent's made it up form "Donald" which was my maternal grandfather's name and is my uncle's (mom's brother) middle name. Esther is one of my very favorite people in the Bible, I can't help but use it. 
~Karis(Greek)- Graceful; Clarice (English)- Illustrious
Karis is just a name that I really love. Clarice was my paternal grandmother's cousin. Even though I didn't know the woman very well, she meant a lot to my dad, and she was family. Plus, it's a cool name. 
~Elsa (Scandinavian)- God is my Oath; Shalom (Hebrew)
Y'all know what Shalom means to me... 
~Temperance-patience; Zoe (Greek)-life
Temperance because I love the name, and I'm a huge Bones fan. Zoe because I love the name and I love Firefly.
~Danika {Dani- God is my judge}(Russian)- Morning Star; Liesel (Hebrew)- God is my oath
I love love love the name Danika with the nickname of Dani. Liesel from The Book Thief.
~Olivia {Olive}( Latin)- Olive tree; Inez- pure
Olivia is not only a very pretty name, but it was also my great-great-grandmother's name.
~Adelaide {Addie}(German)- noble; Daisy- Pearl
Daisy was my great-grandmother's name.
~Ruth (Hebrew)- compassionate friend
Ruth is another favorite person in the Bible.

Boy names I like:
~Zane(Hebrew)-God's gracious gift; Wesley(English)- the West Meadow
Zane is from Eureka, but when I found out the meaning, I knew it had to go on my list. Wesley is a name which the Leggetts have used many times in the past. Including not only a cousin of my dad's, but also my great-grandfather, and my great-great-great-grandfather.
~Dax(French)- leader; Malachi(Hebrew)- My messenger, My angel
Dax is a name that Kt wanted to use, but Jonathan hates it. It's a Trekkie name ;). 
~Miles(Latin)- merciful soldier ; Killian(Irish)- Of the church
Killian for Captain Killian Jones. 
~Martin(Latin)-Warlike; Elisha(Hebrew)- Salvation of God 
~Joel(Hebrew)- Jehovah is his God; Alfred (English)-wise counselor
Alfred is also a  name which was used many times by my ancestors. 
~Jasper(Persian)- bringer of treasure; Robert(German)- bright fame
Robert is my dad's name :).

So there it is. Fourteen names. All but one are a first and middle name set. It's pretty impressive in my opinion ;). I also love that all of the names have a good meaning, are a family name, or both.



  1. I think liking names is a natural girl thing :P you have a good mix of names! Some of my personal favorites are Tobias, Cap, and Maximilian for a guy and Charlotte, Eva, and Delilah for a girl :) I love how your list has a lot of references to God and you've looked up the meanings- my parents obviously didn't, my name just refers to a tree.

    1. Divergent fan? Cool names :).

      I strongly believe that the meaning of a name, is part of what the destiny of the person will be. It's Biblical.
      Alana means: "Awakening" in Hawaiian, so my first a middle name mean "Awakening world leader". I take that destiny on, in a Biblical sense. I think it's cool. My parents didn't even plan it or anything.


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